The Intermediary


The Intermediary


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  • Profiled Aged Leads
  • Profiled Cold Call Data
  • Referral Program
  • Custom Lead Queues
  • Winter Specials

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  • Broker Search
  • Countrywide Broker Brand Search
  • Custom Broker Websites
  • Custom Quote Engines
  • Online Credit Card Payments
  • Advanced Wills
  • Mobile Application to Pull Leads
  • Pay as you go Memberships


From time to time FirstLIFE negotiates discounted services from our preferred suppliers. These discounts are only available to members.

  • RE1 Exams

A full Two day workshop at the offices of FirstLIFE for Rep's and KI's.

Brought to you by the Learncafe. One of the only training companies to boast a 78% student success rate in passing the RE1 Exams.

Included in the course:

  1. Registration on the e-learning platform
  2. Unlimited access to the e-learning material
  3. Access to print all related learning materials
  4. Unlimited access to online assessments
  5. Booking of exam at FirstLIFE exam venue. (excludes exam fee)
  6. Reminders regarding workshop attendance and examination date.
  7. Facilitation of money transfers between parties.
  • E-Learning Only

Access to the e-learning platform for the Learncafe. 

  • E-Learning and Telephonic Support

Registration to the Learncafe e-learning material, with online assessments and telephonic support.

  • Website and Email Addresses

We will be launching custom websites and for all our members which will include the quoting engines and an email address, so any marketing you do yourself can translate into your own leads which will be assigned to you in PALMS.

  • Parraplanning

In short a paraplanner is a person who works with a Financial Planner or Financial Adviser and completes a number of the non-client facing tasks involved in preparing and administering a Financial Plan or Report for a client. As a member of FirstLIFE, you will be able to request a plan from one of our Parraplanners to save you time and money.

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