The Intermediary


The Intermediary


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All FirstLIFE members receive an insignia which they are authorized to use in marketing material. As a member of FirstLIFE we recognized, and promote your experience and qualification levels. We believe the public deserve to know with whom they are dealing, and what are the benefits of dealing with a FirstLIFE member.

The number in the triangle represents a members years of experience within the industry. The options are 1,5,10,15, and 20+.

The STARS represent the intermediaries level of education. Each star is representative of an NQF level (National Qualifications Framework) .

The first Star is for NQF 4, the second star for NQF5, third for NQF 6, the fourth for an NQF 7 level education. Our fifth star is given for intermediaries who have NQF level 7 plus a specialist education above NQF 7.

When you put these together, users and clients are able to immediately assess the level of advisor that they are dealing with.

FirstLIFE promotes these insignia in all our quotation emails, and websites. We also publish articles on various public education websites with regards to the role of the intermediary, and the level of experience and education.

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