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The Intermediary


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  • Profiled Aged Leads
  • Profiled Cold Call Data
  • Referral Program
  • Custom Lead Queues
  • Winter Specials

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  • Broker Search
  • Countrywide Broker Brand Search
  • Custom Broker Websites
  • Custom Quote Engines
  • Online Credit Card Payments
  • Advanced Wills
  • Mobile Application to Pull Leads
  • Pay as you go Memberships

hot leads

FirstLIFE spends hundreds of thousands of rands each month to capture thousands of motivated prospects who are shopping for insurance online.

We deliver real prospects, with real interest in insurance, in real time, just seconds after they've completed a detailed online questionnaire.

We also include postal code fields to give you an idea of where your client is before you phone. Our unique duplicate remover removes multiple quotes by the same user. Our insurance leads are sold to only one broker, unlike our competitors who sell one lead up to four times.

Together with the power of P.A.L.M.S. (Professional Agency Lead Management System) on your side, you can enter the Digital Marketing arena with confidence that you can compete with the biggest and the best on an equal footing.

Quality Leads, Instant Delivery, and High Conversion Rates. Hot Insurance and Financial Services Leads.

  • Life Insurance Leads

Using our various online integrated quoting engines, designed by working with our corporate members, FirstLIFE is able to give our members access to live, hot, insurance leads. Our prospects have requested quotations from the online quoting engines, and been mailed a Life Cover calculation which is as per the rate table supplied by the corporate members.

That means our members have access to prospects which are looking for Life Cover within minutes of their request.

These prospects are delivered via the PALMS system, ensuring that every prospect is looked after timeously, and by an intermediary which fits their profile.

Each intermediary is able to profile their requests on Age, Income or Area. FirstLIFE has profiled 32 regions across the country so we are able to present each intermediary with quality, qualified prospects.

To apply for membership, please fill out your details on FIRSTLIFE INSURANCE LEADS

  • Short Term Insurance Leads

We provide short term insurance requests from various sources, and offer a variety of leads. We offer HOT Leads, which are minutes old, and with the right back up and support, some of our members are achieving phenomenal new business growth in this area.

We also offer warm leads (between two weeks and 1 month old) as well as cold leads (over 1 month old).  

Ensure you speak to a membership consultant to find out how your FirstLIFE membership can help build your short term business.

To apply for membership, please fill out your details on FIRSTLIFE INSURANCE LEADS

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